classes on cities and urbanism

USP 1: History of US urban communities
HIUS 143: Histories of the Built Environment in the Twentieth Century
HIUS 148/USP 103: History of the American City in the Twentieth Century
HIUS 181: Twentieth-century American architecture and urbanism
INTL 190/HITO 180: Global housing (formerly, Housing in the Developing World)
INTL 190: Urban poverty in historical context
HIUS 123: History of New York City
CAT 2: Designing Equality (Introduction to design history)
USP 190: Senior Honors Thesis, Urban Studies and Planning

global history

MMW 15: Making of the Modern World, Twentieth century and beyond
HIUS 181/281: US in the World
HITO 192: Photographing atrocities
HITO 87: History of American capitalism

race & ethnicity

HILD 7B: History of Race and Ethnicity in the US, Asian American history

method - theory - practice

HIGR 209: Historical pedagogy
HIGR 265C: US in the twentieth century, historiography
HIGR 267A-B: Graduate research seminar
CAT 1: Fictions of history (introduction to historiography)